DeFi Metaverse

Explore Defira, a fantasy world driven by the invisible and decentralized hands of finance. Starting as a humble merchant, work up the ranks to become the ruler of a vast empire.

Along the way, you must use your business and tactical acumen to deal with challenges such as allocating scarce resources and protecting yourself from dangerous enemies, including other players.

However, you are not alone. Enlist the services of unique and powerful heroes and make your mark on this world!

Fira Orb

The Fira Orb ($FIRA) is the world's main currency of exchange: merchants across Defira use Fira to trade valuable resources and heroes between each other. Legends say that the orb is even capable of governing the laws of the world itself.

Earn Fira Orbs through DeFi liquidity mining and spend it wisely to achieve your goals.

Tranquil Orb

$TRANQ tokens from the Tranquil Finance protocol are re-imagined into mystical orbs of great magical power in the world of Defira. These orbs are used as catalysts in magical rituals like wishing for new heroes and other activities that consume great mystical energy.

Defira is a land inhabited by heroes of many races and classes—they are primeval spirits residing on the mystical plane that underpins the world of Defira. They are not only great warriors and masters of magic, but they also perform the vital jobs that make the world prosperous.

Through an ancient ritual known as "Wishing", merchants can summon and command the spirits of these heroes. Own, train and trade heroes to make the most powerful party under your control!